To be a hero,you dont have to go outside!

Who we are

Thank you for your interest, for this site. Let me explain what Northman Entertainment is. We are a company specialized in App development. Apps should you definitely know? Yes! The little pictures on her smartphone. There is a lot of work behind an app to design and run. These and other challenges arise from Northman Entertainment.


Maybe they had to smile when you read our motto on the cover picture. A question: Would you go outside into the dangerous world to become a celebrated hero? No? Very good! Then you understood the saying. Each of us can do a great deal, but we do not have to have the millions in the account. No. How about sending you into a world full of adventure and excitement?
Maybe you can save a princess or defeat a horde of angry orcs and everything from the comfortable bed. Who can say of himself that he has ruled a whole kingdom on the way to work? We are there to fulfill your dreams and thereby fulfill your dream at the same time create incredible.